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Organic wines

Our Tuscan Organic wines

From the vineyards located in the heart of Tuscany on the hills along the Arno, here are our Tuscan wines Poggio di Canzano resulting from passion and devotion, competence and experience. From the traditional Chianti DOCG to red and white IGT, we offer a wide variety of high-quality organic Tuscan wines.

Organic Tuscan white wines

In our cellar you could find organic Tuscan white and rosé wines, which fully express the characteristics of the Tuscan territory. They are produced with care and passion, respecting and enhancing the essence of the Tuscan winemaking tradition and viticulture.
Our white wines are made from various grape varieties, from Sangiovese to Chardonnay, from Trebbiano to Vermentino, to satisfy a wide variety of customers. In each of them we have put a part of us. In particular, the rosé “Francesca” is dedicated to our daughter with a label depicting her eyes that captivate you; Chardonnay “7mbre” is instead an expression of the most important month of the year for a wine company, being the month of the harvest, in which the fruits of our work are literally picked, as well as the month of Francesca’s birth for us; Trebbiano “Ventinove” is a native Tuscan and to make it we were inspired by my date of birth: 29/01/1974; the Vermentino “Poggio di Canzano” represents the direct link with the territory in which our wines are found; finally, the Ancestrale, our refermented in bottle, obtained with the most ancient method for the production of sparkling wines.

All these wines can be found in the Shop online section or directly in the winery, where we would be happy to welcome you for a tasting.

Vini toscani bianchi biologici Agricola Francesca

Organic Tuscan red wines

In our cellar you could also find a wide variety of red wines, all characterized by high-quality and strong roots with the Tuscany region: Chianti DOCG and Riserva, organic IGT and barrique reds, Merlot, Alicante and Canaiolo, thus managing to satisfy a wide variety of requests.

They are the result of our family’s passion, but also of professionalism, competence and respect for traditional winemaking techniques.

More specifically, the Chianti DOCG “Poggio di Canzano” represents our land, our pride; the Riserva “Lo Zio” is dedicated to my husband Patrizio, nicknamed with this diminutive; the IGT and barrique reds, respectively obtained from Sangiovese and Sangiovese and Merlot grapes, release all their territoriality; the Merlot “Poggio di Canzano” is harmonious and enveloping, the Alicante “A Romeo” encompasses all the attachment to our beloved dog; the Canaiolo “Il Fattore” is for my brother Antonio, the one who more than any other in the company deals with working in the vineyard.

Visit our online shop of red wines and choose the ones you are interested in or come and visit us in the winery for a tasting.

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